Reduce drawcalls of Uniswf ...

I am using Uniswf for UI implementation. Drawcalls with uniswf are too much. I guess Its having 1 drawcall for 1 button or 1 image even though its using spritesheet. If i calculate i have near about 14 spritesheet and for this its using near about 50 drawcalls where it should have 14 drawcalls. I want to reduce drawcalls. Can anyone please help me through this problem?

I am using MovieClip to load and play swf.

Thanks in advance.

1st) This is other developers answers questions free, you shouldn’t expect anything here, especially not demanding it.
2nd) The unity GUI system is notoriously shitty about drawcalls. Use a custom package if you are spending so much on unity pro - i’m always surprised people don’t try the free package first to understand what’s going on… There are fairly cheap ones that do this well …or write your own but will require UnityGL/OPENGL to do this efficiently. It would be nice to have it as default, but it’s just not the case.