Reduce executable size

Hi and thanks for your time.

I am using Unity Iphone Basic and do not have build stripping.

this shows that my executable is 15.4 megs. My understanding is that the exe should be around 10 if you build for arm6 only.

In Unity my build settings are:

Targ device: Iphone only -- Targ plat: arm6(openGl...) -- Api compatability level: Net 2.0 subset -- Target ios: 3.1.2 -- Script Call optimization: Fast

In Xcode:

Release | Unity Iphone | IOS 4.2

Editing the Active Target:

Architectures: armv6, -- Base SDK: ios 4.2, -- Build Active Architecture Only Checked, -- Valid Architectures: armv6

The really odd thing is that if I set the Unity Target Device to: Universal arm6+arm7, Xcode builds the executable exactly the same size as when it's set to armt6 only.

Checking the editor log after a Unity build shows:

Textures 3.6 mb 16.4% -- Meshes 0.5 kb 0.0% -- Animations 0.0 kb 0.0% -- Sounds 3.4 mb 15.6% -- Shaders 2.3 kb 0.0% -- Other Assets 27.7 kb 0.1% -- Levels 9.4 mb 42.6% -- Scripts 464.0 kb 2.1% -- Included DLLs 3.8 mb 17.3% -- File headers 1.3 mb 5.7% -- Complete size 21.9 mb 100.0%

It feels like I'm missing something small but I've run out of ideas. Please help!


There was no answer other than to pony up the $2600us. Suxs.

Oh, nice, lost the points I offered for the answer as well.

Btw, after byte code stripping I got back around 13 megs. That’s-a-lot! Free Unity can make a game but in my experience there isn’t room for more than about 4 megs of your own assets.