reduce il2cpp compiled executable size

Hello, I use 4.6.3p4 to Il2CPP to build a Universal(armv7+arm64) app, the exported ipa have a 193MB executable file which will not pass Apple’ review.
Any idea on how to analyse and reduce executable file size?

Note that for the IL2CPP scripting backend, the equivalent of byte code stripping is always done. So I doubt that changing the stripping level will have too much impact. We are aware that binary sizes for the IL2CPP scripting backend are much larger than Mono now. We are working on changes now to bring the binary size much closer to the Mono size. These changes should be available within the next few weeks.

We will continue to work to decrease the binary size with IL2CPP even after these initial changes land.

  1. Even if the installer has 193 Mb, it will not be rejected by the Apple. Your app must have under 100Mb to be downloaded using mobile internet connection (3G/4G), anything above that limit will be downloaded only via wi-fi.
  2. To reduce the size of the app you can try to use Stripping Level (Details here).
  3. The best solution is to remove all unused assets from your project. As a first step, try to move from Resources folder all the assets that are not loaded via Resources.Load function. Everything that is contained by the Resources folder is added in your ipa even if that resource is not used.
  4. Change the quality of your textures, use compression (RGBA PVRTC 4 bits is recommended)