Reduce lag... in Unity Indie?

Hello, I’m using Unity Free Version and my scene has a lot of things in it, around 1.4M tris. Is there a way to reduce the lag this causes? I can’t use occlusion culling so that’s not an option. Any help is appreciated.


You can most likely use batching to reduce some of the draw calls and lag: Batching

  1. Turn off VSync if you have it on, although it reduces the amount of visual tearing, it tends to use ALOT of ram for some reason.

  2. Create lower-poly versions of your meshes.

  3. You could’ve create a simple little script that checks if the camera(s) can see ‘this’ object, if it can’t, you could deactivate the object until it is visible. Eg.

    function Update()
    { = false;
    { = true;

Hope this helps :slight_smile:

beside of Batching, i recently learned that caching moving objects transforms can greatly improved performance. i tried it in my project and it’s true!
so if you have a lot of bullets flies in you scene, cache the transformation.