Reduce landscape keyboard size on android device


I’m having some problem with textfields on an android mobile. If I use my application in portrait mode, I can click on my textfield and see the keyboard and the input with the “OK” button and then modify without problems my textfield, but in landscape mode, the only thing i can see is the keyboard in full screen, which prevents me to validate whatever I’m typing in my textfield :

alt text

If I use the back key, it closes the keyboard, but the textfields is not saved with the value I just typed in.

I have read some things on custom keyboard, but if I understood it right, I would need to create plugins in Java for android, and in Obj C for ios ?
Is there any other option to allow me to use textfields in landscape mode ?

Thank you

This is fixed in latest 2017 version - less space taken by landscape keyboard -
if anyone knows which version the fix appeared would be good to know