Reduce 'Levels' or Scene File Size

Whenever I build my game, the file size is way too big.
I looked at the Editor Log and the Levels size is over 160 MB.

Textures      62.0 mb	 26.9% 
Meshes        0.0 kb	 0.0% 
Animations    30.4 kb	 0.0% 
Sounds        1.2 kb	 0.0% 
Shaders       76.0 kb	 0.0% 
Other Assets  1.0 mb	 0.4% 
Levels        160.7 mb	 69.8% 
Scripts       463.4 kb	 0.2% 
Included DLLs 5.1 mb	 2.2% 
File headers  957.4 kb	 0.4% 
Complete size 230.3 mb	 100.0% 

Is there a way I can reduce this or know what’s causing it?
This is a Standalone build by the way, and I’ve tried searching everywhere as well, and none seem to work. I’ve tried disabling Static Batching but that doesn’t reduce the size at all.

Would this be due to uber large lightmaps / terrain maps in your level?
Can do a test build by deleting them off your level and see if it affects size…

Otherwise… just keep deleting stuff one by one, and building… and figure out who’s the culprit behind the file size.