Reduced Google plays device catalog due to depth feature automaticly required

Hello guys !

I was wondering if some of you may have encountered this issue :

Having a reduced compatibility (device catalog) due to feature automaticly required by the app bundle.

Sorry my is in french, but you can still read the features :

And I want to keep the compatbility as large as possible, since my app users will still be able to get a gizmo based 3D visualisation on their uncompatible phones.

The weird part is that I've already selected optionnal for both ARCore options in the XR Plug-in managment :

Using ARFoundation 4.2.2 & XR Plugin management 4.2.1
Thanks for your time !

EDIT : temporary fix is using a custom AndroidManifest by ticking Custom Main Manifest in Player>Publishing Settings cause I guess it's overriding the automatic permissions feature from the unity XR integration


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Please file a bug.

Done ! CASE 1418187

got the solution?
If yes please paste you post here.

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The case reported by @Yann_de_Couessin was closed due to the reporter's failure to respond. Apologies @kghate8121 , but if you are still seeing this issue can you open a new bug with your repro case and post the tracking number here?

It is happening on Unity 2021.3.36

Note our FAQ :

Is a forum post the same thing as a bug report?
No. The forums can be a great way to seek advice from the development community, but Unity does not track bugs that are reported in the forums. To file a bug report for the Unity Editor or any Unity-published packages, use the in-Editor bug reporting tool: