ReEnable mouse(movement,selection,etc) after loading game menu

So, i have the same problem as it is defined in here: Screen.showcursor = true won't work after Screen.showcursor = false - Questions & Answers - Unity Discussions (i work on Js)

The things i know, is that when my game loads and menu pops up, mouse is enabled but once i load a level, play that level, and then return to then main menu, mouse wont work.

First pointer: Yes i have tried using Screen.ShowCursor = true; Screen.lockCursor = false; on Awake,Update,LateUpdate,Start functions, none of them work.

Second pointer: My menu has an EventSystem script and a Standalone Input Module (the default ones that get imported when you insert a canvas).

My guess is that one of these scripts(EventSystem or StandaloneInputModule) blocks it but i am fairly new to scripting and unity and i have no idea what to do. Anyone can help?

docs say these are deprecated. try replacing them with lockState and Visible