Reference for Unity Javascript 'class' keyword and related?

I hope you can help - any and all replies will be gratefully received. Before picking up Unity, I used javascript and (previous versions) of actionscript, which allowed you to create custom objects / pseudo classes using the function() keyword.

I have gotten about as far as figuring out this just doesn't work in Unity and they have helpfully decided not to offer documentation regarding their implementation of javascript. I've come across information about the actionscript use of the 'class' keyword, which looks similar, but who knows how similar? I've also come across a couple of examples on the Unity Wiki, but these don't go into enough depth.

Can someone please point me in the direction of an easy to read, comprehensive reference?

Many thanks!

This is a great first step: Head First into Unity with JavaScript

The first section in that article is called "Unity's 'JavaScript' vs. the JavaScript you probably know", which sounds like it's just what you need :-)

The class keyword works like the way it does in AS 2.0 and AS 3.0. Note that by default, a JS script inside Unity3D is assumed to be a class with a name same as it's script's name, and is extended from MonoBehaviour (for C# scripts, you have to do this manually).