Reference script is missing for (Object Cube)

I am creating a scene in Unity3d and exporting its asset budle as .unity3d file. Further i downloading the assetbudle from my server to my android app.
The scene gets loaded but rotaion script i have written for cube is missing. I can see the object in my android app from where i start UnityPlayerActivity but object is not rotating as i can see in Unity

Can u please help.

This is reference script i use to load asset in android

IEnumerator receive(string message)
	// Download compressed scene. If version 5 of the file named "Streamed-Level1.unity3d" was previously downloaded and cached.
	// Then Unity will completely skip the download and load the decompressed scene directly from disk.
	var download = WWW.LoadFromCacheOrDownload(message,19);
	yield return download;

	// Handle error
	if (download.error != null)
		yield break;

	// In order to make the scene available from LoadLevel, we have to load the asset bundle.
	// The AssetBundle class also lets you force unload all assets and file storage once it is no longer needed.
	var bundle = download.assetBundle;
	sceneNames = bundle.GetAllScenePaths ();

	// Load the level we have just downloaded



And from my activity i use method to send message to UnityPlayerActivity

UnityPlayer.UnitySendMessage(“Main Camera”, “receive”, “https://MyServer/Level5.unity3d”);

Usually any code needs to be compiled into the game, bundle or not. The only other way is this: