Reference sprite animation problem

I have a problem with one animation. So I have a player, and this player has a few diffrent animation like this: 8820607--1200652--upload_2023-2-20_14-52-34.png
Generaly, animations for all players (I have a few character, like Elf, Dwarf,ect) are genereting from tool and everything are ok, expect for one: PaladinIdleLeftNoBand. So in this animation I lose reference to sprite in two last keys and I don't understand why. 8820607--1200664--upload_2023-2-20_15-11-4.png
Sprite for this animation looks ok, also I lost reference for this sprite when I send this animation for bitbucket serwer. On my computer animation look ok, but after download on other computer it lost reference for sprite.
I tried remove animation from project and create new animation manually.

Anybady has similar sytuation and can help me with it?


I use git to handle bitbucket server.

I fixed this by problem, I updated all packages connect with sprites and animations 2d, and bug disappeared, you can close tread.