Referencing a c# component script from JS script

How do you reference a c# component script from a JS script? Do you need to store the reference as you would with a JS component, to prevent having to fetch GetComponent each time?

Trying the usual below for a c# script named CSharpComp.cs, I get this error: ‘CSharpComp’ does not denote a valid type (‘not found’).

myfile.js contains:

var csharpcomponent:CSharpComp;

function Start(){

csharpcomponent = GameObject.Find("MainObj").GetComponent(CSharpComp);


C# and JS can’t see each other at compile time (different compilers are used for each language), but already compiled scripts can be seen by any language. If you place the C# script in Plugins or StandardAssets, and the JS script in another Assets folder (Assets/Scripts, for instance), the C# script will be compiled in the “first wave”, thus the JS script will know it and compile ok (see Script Compilation). NOTE: this is a one way via: the CS script won’t be able to see the scripts not yet compiled (JS or C#).

If you just need to call some CSharpComp function, SendMessage(“FunctionName”, argument) can be used. This is a very limited alternative, since SendMessage accepts only a single parameter, but it works independently of language or compilation order (it’s a runtime feature).

You can set the assembly dependencies in the MonoDevelop project. Right click on the ‘References’ folder under the Assembly-UnityScript project and ‘Edit Preferences’.

Again, cyclic references are not allowed so you can’t make both projects see each other.

Anyway, this is bad practice to have a project with both JS and C#. You should consider translating all scripts to one unique language.