Referencing all objects in scene

Hey, I’ve recently been attempting to get a wireframe rendering mode to use with one of my cameras and I’ve also managed to find a script that turns the object it is attached to render as wireframe. Because I want to render every object as wireframe how would I reference the script on every object and activate/deactivate it?

Many thanks.

var list : GameObject;

list=gameObject.FindGameObjectsWithTag (tag : String);

for( i in list)


following this idea you could do it to just a group of things
or could expand it to do all tags thus everything

ok so two solutions, you can go for @lil_billy solution which is fine if you do not do it for many objects at the same time. SendMessage is real slow compare to GetComponent<>();

so the other way:

ComponentName script = GameObject.Find("NameofObject").GetComponent<ComponentName>();
script.TexturedThing = false;
script.Wiremode = true;

NameofObject is the string passed in the textbox I would guess. Since I do not know how you perform the texturing to wiremode I just gave a pseudocoding. I guess you know your script.