Referencing static var

Hi community - my other post was not approved so let me try this again.

I have a GO “scoreText” with a static var “score” which is the players highscore. When the player dies, the next scene “3” is loaded where i try to get a reference to the “score” var so I can post it as a highscore. I have already made sure that the GO “scoreText” is not destroyed on scene load.

On the scene “3” where I want to reference it, I have tried many different things, but nothing has worked.

I have been successful in getting a reference to the gameobject “scoreText” where the script (ScoreManager) containing the var “score” is attached, but when i try to use GetComponent or anything else it gives me the error “ScoreManager does not exist in the current context” which i think is extremely weird since I have referenced the gameobject successfully? :S

Here’s my code trying to create the references:

private GameObject scoreText;
	private int scoreInt;
	void Start () 
		scoreText = GameObject.Find ("ScoreText"); //successful
		scoreInt = scoreText.GetComponent(ScoreManager).score;	//ScoreManager does not exist in current context

and the ScoreManager script with the “score” var I want to reference

public static int score;        // The player's score.

        Text text;                      // Reference to the Text component.

        void Awake ()
			//Don't destroy this object when we load next scene
			//so we can use the score var on the Highscore scene

            // Set up the reference.
            text = GetComponent <Text> ();

            // Reset the score.
            score = 0;

        void Update ()
            // Set the displayed text to be the word "Score" followed by the score value.
            text.text = "Score: " + score;

Any ideas? Any help appriciated!

try changing:

scoreInt = scoreText.GetComponent(ScoreManager).score;


scoreInt = scoreText.GetComponent<ScoreManager>().score;

although, for safety, you should be doing this:

scoreComponent = scoreText.GetComponent<ScoreManager>();
if (scoreCompoment != null)
    scoreInt = scoreComponent.score;