Refering to a Class without it initialization

Hello guys

I’m very sorry for that silly question but I seriously dont understand how it works in C#, but I realy like this feature to implement.

There are few freameworks like for example Facebook plugin or uLink server which allow you in any new script just write:


without doing firts of all

SomeClassName myClass = new SomeClassName();

for example in Facebook plugin it starts directly from


or in uLink u can call


but where is initialization? where is Class myClass = new Class()? how do they start refering to “Class” it self without making it instance?

Could you please explain to me that?
and sorry if my question sounds very silly

Classes without instances are the static classes.

public static class MyClass()
   public static void PrintHello() //method is static too

//using the class
MyClass.PrintHello(); //and it prints hello in the debug