Referring to an Object that may eventually be destroyed

In my game the player can eventually be destroyed. I have a few scripts that are attached to the player or reference / follow the player. If you do not check to see that the player exists, you get a log error (the game still runs). I am using a simple if statement in each place that references the player and this works just fine but it seems a little Noobalicous.

    // Do stuff involving the player
    // follow the player
    // whatever

I am wondering if this is the best / most optimal way to do this? Thank in advance for your help.

Put this above any code that accesses the player so if the player is destroyed all the code below it will be skipped:

if(player == null)

You should also save a reference to player instead of using GameObject.Find().

Add a public variable to scripts that access player and assign the player gameobject to it.