Refining controls on a space ship

Hi All,

Brand new Unity user here. I must say this engine is incredibly intuitive, stable and just plain fun to use! Many thanks to the developers :slight_smile:

Im trying to refine the controls to a space game. So far Ive got a capsule (which will later become the ship) and a camera. The capsule has the standard third person controller and the camera has customized smooth follow script for space games (which I found on another question here) Here is the capsule and camera

So far so good but I would like to refine this a bit. What I want is for the capsule to travel in the direction the camera is looking (sort of like a first person control). Hope that makes sense. Any help is greatly appreciated!

Then i suggest if you want the camera to move around the capsule by moving your mouse then add the “Mouse Orbit” script to the camera. If you want the capsule to look around when moving your mouse put the “Mouse Look” script to the capsule.