Reflection Error need help to fix it

I dont know what happened but when I opened my project, the reflections in every object are broken (Ugly). What should I do?

I dint touch any shaders or Project settings.

Same problem . The only thing that can help is turning off reflections in all objects . I can’t discover anything else .

Solved it!!

Thanks to the QA Team and especially Marius,
I was told that the problem is caused because of the GPU.
If your having this trouble, that means that your GPU does not suport DirectX11

How to solve this problem?

Try launching Unity using : -force-d3d9
(You may also use OpenGL)
Link for more info/Command lines: Unity - Manual: Command line arguments

1-Go to your UNITY shortcut and right click in it
2-Hit Properties
3-In Destination after the: "C:\Program Files\Unity\Editor\Unity.exe"
You must put the code mentiond before. 
Like this: "C:\Program Files\Unity\Editor\Unity.exe" -force-d3d9