Reflection? Is it really impossible?

Hello, is it really impossible in unity free version to make a realtime reflection?
Someone told me that everything can be done that is in the Pro version, i just have to write some extra lines. But how to get a texture from the camera without eating the cpu?
I know i could duplicate and rotate the entire scene under the surface of the plane and make it semitransparent, change the lighting and add it to a different layer. But this technique is very limited, because of the objects under the water.
RenderTexture and RenderToCubemap is only working in pro, i wasnt able to work around it with screenshots, thats just eats my frames away.
So what would be the right approach? Cuda? Shaders? Or something else?
Can someone help me?

Well, when it’s said that everything is possible in the free version, that doesn’t mean everything runs as smooth as with pro. That would make pro pretty pointless :wink:

However you don’t need to manually duplicate the geometry. Look at this:

They simply used a two-pass shader where one pass renders the normal world and the second pass the reflection. The second pass simply inverts the y axis and clamps it to be below the water level.