Reflection probes makes some objects look darker than others (URP)

Hello, I have an issue that it’s breaking my brain and I can’t find a solution.
So I built an scene of a bedroom, I put some modular meshes for the walls and windows. Without any baked light it looks like this:

As you see, the window mesh has some blue color in it, but the actual texture it’s exactly the same color as the other walls. I just can’t figure out why is this happening.
If I bake the lightmaps and add a reflection probe, it looks like this

As you see, it looks terrible
Does anyone knows what could be happening?

@chamucano Did you solve this problem on your own? I’m having a similar issue where one wall is darker than the wall next to it despite them being copies of each other.

Instead of the “brightness” fading as the wall moves away from the light, it just suddenly becomes darker like this post.

I’m having this exact problem a year later. Did anyone have any suggestions as to what is happening. I have a circular environment, and about 1/6 of it is abruptly at 1/2 brightness, with sharp edges over the transition.