Reflections not working on IOS

Hi, I have a question about the cubemaps on ios. I am using a reflection probe to create the cubemap. This is what it looks like on the mac. I am using the standard shader on Unity 5 and going with full metallic and smoothness.


This looks like a perfect mirror as intended. Now, this is what it looks like on the Ipad.

I noticed that when I get closer to the object the quality of the reflection increases, by the time I get a almost decent reflection, I am basically colliding with the object. I thought it was the anisio level, so i increased the quality settings as well as the quality of the cubemap and changed a lot of settings of the cubemap but nothing changed the quality of the reflection. Does any of you know what the problem is?

Unity at default has a lower graphics quality on mobile devices. Search up how to change the quality of the player when exporting. That should help.

This seems to happen at least when using OpenGL ES 2.0 graphics. If using ES 3.0 or Metal reflections are sharp and crispy.