Reflective/Specular-Shader with additional highlight-texture?


ive searched the forum if theres anything like the built-in "Reflective/Specular"-Shader but with an additional hightlight texture? (e.g for car-shader)

Does anybody could give me hints? Thanks for your help..

Specular shaders already add "highlights" to the surface of the object based on the camera position, the surface normal, and the light's positions. The idea being that the specular highlight is essentially a reflection of the light source in the scene.

Reflective shaders use the angle between the surface normal and the camera position to look up which part of the reflection should be visible from a cubemap, so if there are areas on your cubemap which look like a light (eg, the sun), this picture of the light will be reflected on the surface of the object from the correct angles.

If this doesn't fit your purpose of "highlight", please explain more clearly what you mean by "additional highlight"?


i use a reflective/specular shader with a base-texture (lightmapped from maya) and a cubemap for the environment. Now i want to add an additional base-texture on top or multiplied to the lightmapped-base texture.

Does anybody now how to do that?

Thanks for your help.