Reflective Water

Can anyone help me with reflective water, I’ve got the daylight simple water prefab which you get when you start a new project, but it dosent reflect the way I want it to. I have a skybox and some mountains around a pool of water which would look great if the water was reflective, please can anyone help me?

If you don’t have the pro version of unity you can’t have the reflective/refractive version of water

Techniacally you could, you would just need a whole lot of time

I would reccomend looking at this link… it might not be exactly what you want, but u can give it a shot

Also, You could download it from a site for free (not reccomended)

This IS what I did .

I went to the demo file that comes with unity free in the file explorer, and copy pasted the Water PRO asset from there into my project!