Refrencing a js script on another GO from a cs script

I'm having trouble refrencing a javascript that is attached to my HUD GameObject from one of my C# scripts. Is there a way to do it that would help me access a funtion from the javascript on the HUD GameObject? This is what I was trying...

    GameObject hud = GameObject.FindGameObjectWithTag("HUD");

    HUDScript _hud = hud.GetComponent("HUDScript");


The easiest two methods:

1) Put the js file into a folder called Plugins in the root of the project panel (i.e. Project/Assets/Plugins), then use it as if it were a c# component:

HudScript _hud = hud.GetComponent<HUDScript>();

2) Use SendMessage instead of going through GetComponent and calling the function. This is going to be slower however:

hud.SendMessage("AddMoney", 50);