Refresh black bands on scene load

I have currently switched to unity 5.4.1
When I switch from game scene to main menu scene the camera gets resized. In game I currently have a camera which calculates its bounds based on screen resolution while on the main menù scene the gamera gets clipped to the resolution of a given background image.

What is happening is that when this resize occours when the main menù scene is loaded from the game scene everything that would fall in the black bands area don’t become black bu remain still as if the scene would have loaded in additive mode. This is not the case and I don’t know how to solve this.

To understand better the situation here a picture of my main menù scene

here is what happends when main menu is loaded from the game scene

and in the hierarchy there is no game scene any longer. I don’t know how and if it is possible to refresh the camera blackbands somehow.

Any suggestion?


A bit late, but I hope it helps you or others with the same problem :slight_smile:

The thing is you should clear the stencyl buffer when loading a new scene to get rid of the previous thing drawed.

Use GL.Clear() function:

GL.Clear(true, true,;