Regarding polys-count..

I am doing a corridor model and at the moment I have 473 polys. Is this much? Thinking about adding some pipes or wires. Is that OK?

Note that the model and is constructed so it can be pasted and added after eachother.

I don't know how many I will have in-game at the same time visually, but the length is about 10~ standard cubes long.

473 polys doesn't sound too much - but it obviously depends on a variety of factors:

  • target platform: on desktop, you hardly have to worry about polycount - on iPhone, you have to worry much earlier ;-)
  • complexity of your object: if you object is simple, 473 polys might be more than needed, so you might waste space and a tiny bit of performance (but on that amount I doubt the polycount really would matter much)

Usually, stuff like drawcalls (e.g. by using different materials on one object, or using more than necessary objects) is more of a problem.

473 poly's is not much. but when I look at your render i see you can bake some details into a normal map. that way you can make more stuff in your coridor without making the polycount higher.

Also if you make a game for the pc, you shouldn't worry to much about the poly's most pc's can render atleast 50.000 poly's onscreen realtime most even more up to 2 million polygons. if you making a web game their are diferent rules ofcourse. (aswell for iphone/ipad)