Regarding Unity's Main Android Activity

I saw three classes(UnityPlayerNativeActivity, UnityPlayerActivity, UnityPlayerProxyActivity) which are being referred when writing plugins for Android.
Even unity’s documentation mentioned two classes (UnityPlayerNativeActivity, UnityPlayerActivity) with out mentioning the differences. [Unity - Manual: Create and use plug-ins in Android]

However, Once I see the .java files came up with the Unity app, I see UnityPlayerActivity termed as deprecated.
So Can I expect only to refer and extend “UnityPlayerNativeActivity” from now on when writing plugins?

Can anyone please confirm on this? Very much thankful to anyone who helps.

This is a good question.

In 4.5 and 4.6, UnityPlayerNativeActivity is the default activity.
In 5.0, starting from b12, UnityPlayerActivity is back and again the default activity.

The difference is simple - UnityPlayerNativeActivity extends NativeActivity, while UnityPlayerActivity extends Activity :slight_smile:

Hope that helps>