Register Particles going through Trigger collider

I am trying to affect particles which are passing through designated trigger colliders (box colliders).

The problem is that once I set a box collider as a trigger, the OnParticleCollision event doesn´t fire up when particle passes through it. I don´t want particle to be deflected by collider.

Is it possible?
OnTriggerEnter event doesnt work with particles?


Hi, there. I did some test on unity, and the function OnParticleCollision for paticle system doesn’t work if you check the Is Trigger of your box collider. And there’s seem no way to trigger OnParticleCollision while not deflecting the particle at the same time. But you can try to make the box collider smaller then it wont deflect most of the particle also callback the OnParticleCollision function. I don’t know why you want to do this, but I’m sure there 's a better way to get your target. God Luck