[REGRESSION] profiler tooltips no longer appear during playback

that one used to show up during play back in 2018 or 2017
no more

This is not a Profiler specific behavior, it’s the same for all tooltips. Not sure if this was changed with the theming update in 2019.3 bit could well be. It’s essentially an optimization.

Yeah avoid these types of optimizations: they’re impede our workflow

I reported this issue a while ago as:
(Case 1252195) [Tooltip] not working during playmode

... which was closed with the following note:

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It seems like an odd excuse all of a sudden worrying about IMGUI contamination after 10 years of it being borked and us being familiar enough to fix that (by instantiating guistyle etc…).

To me this is endemic of a development structure which has no production background and therefore makes decisions arbitrarily without knowing what to prioritize.

Unity, a good rule of thumb is don’t break-change things that aren’t broken and prioritize our convenience. The same way we prioritize the player’s convenience and don’t break-change GUI in update.

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@Peter77 i'll have my team take a look to come up with a more detailed answer. I'm not promising we will fix it (maybe disabling it when in play mode fixed a larger issue) but we will at least get to the bottom of why the change happened in the first place.


@laurentlavigne (or anyone really) Could you provide more details on which tooltip went missing? Me and my team both validated the sample project and tooltips do not show up in playmode as far back as 5.4. Is there a specific profiler tooltip that is no longer visible? Or is it more of a general bug that you’d like us to look into.

The warning in the GPU profiler. In 2020.1.6 it shows up the reason why the graph doesn't appear when hovering on the yellow warning. Not in 2020.2.

Unfortunately I can’t reproduce that result. For me that warning icon doesnt display a tooltip during playmode in any version, (tested 2017, 2018, 2019, 2020.1.4 (didnt have .6), 2020.2). The warning icon moves between versions (its at the bottom in some) but it never displays a warning during playmode though it will if the game is paused. I’m not sure how to proceed when we can’t even reproduce a positive result in any version

you are right it is not a regression.
I know why I got confused: I was running the profiler attached to a process and since the editor is not in play mode it shows tooltips

sorry for the douchy comment in #5 - love you guys


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Not a problem glad you found what it was.

Now i’m not saying the implementation of no tooltip while in play mode is a good one but UIToolkit is the way forward for the editor so something we should be able to resolve hopefully.

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Not having tooltips shown during play mode is a huge production issue for us. Any way to workaround this ?

In Unity 2022.3 and possibly earlier versions, you can re-enable tooltips in Play mode.

There is a setting inside Preferences > General called “Enable PlayMode Tooltips”. If you enabled this then they will work as you’d hope.


Hah, nice I didn’t know about that myself

Also, since this brought the thread back to my attention and I realized I never addressed this part:

IMGUI needed to repaint the entire Window in order to process hover events and display tooltips. Trust me, you didn’t want that overhead, especially not on the profiler UI. With UI Toolkit that’s no longer a concern, though there are still parts of the Editor that aren’t fully converted to UI TK

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Nice necro :smile:
Since you’re here @MartinTilo when are we getting a graph that shows us memory bottleneck/bandwidth/transfer between the components/unity modules/pcie?

That’s an interesting mix of hard and software bottlenecks… We don’t have any concrete plans for this or other hardware counters ATM. It’s a valid point to add to our idea backlog via the public Roadmap for profiling though :slight_smile:

For the moment, hardware manufacturer specific profilers are your best bet for these.

It's because, at the end of the day, it's all hardware and all we care about is identifying what's bottlenecking.
I tried installing Intel's profiler a couple years ago, only thing that could do memory transfer pressure, that didn't work too well.
I posted a new thing in the roadmap.

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