reimport blender does't seem to do anything?

I know some ppl have asked this before but i wasn’t able to find solid answers, and this is a big reoccurring issue for me. Every time i want to update a blend file i have to delete it and import from scratch leading to a bunch of reassigning in unity to set it all back up with the new blend file.

I have a wizard guy with some basic animations, i imported it, set it up, and found some problems in my animations. I updated it in blender with some altered animations and some new animations, and tried to reimport. no change at all. I had to delete the old one and reassign the animations in my animator controller with the new blend… not a big problem now, but god forbid if i have to do this with a fully animated and setup character later on in the development process, that would take a looong time…

Not affiliated with asset owner - just thought I’d share for those who stumble upon this and have the same problems.

I save my blend files to my assets folder and every time I make changes and save the blend file it is re-imported by unity. Mesh updates work without problems but some new animations are missing, and sometimes there is this DefaultTake clip, which animation can be any one of my animation clips.

I don’t know the root cause of this problem, and it seems random to me, sometimes my animations are imported to unity animation clips correctly and sometimes I’m missing some clips.

I use this workaround: I select my imported model and go to Animations. Under clips, I press the + button to add new clip. Then I rename clip (in this picture Idle0). Then I select the correct animation from Source Take drop down menu, that’s the place where all my missing animations are hiding.

In this screen shot my model shows only two animation clips, Idle and Running, but under the Source Take menu there could be five animations and I have to manually add them as clips.

Hope this would be helpful in your case also. It is some extra steps but still I find it much more pleasant than re-configuring my gameobjects and prefabs again and again.