Reimporting fixed character FBX vert ordering explodes

Hi, I have a bunch of characters in Unity that where working fine. I made them in max 2011. Each has a dozen or so animations output using the name@animation format. All good so far.

Then I wanted to do some minor updates to the meshes.

Without changing the skeleton, I modified my models, collapse the transforms, re-skinned to the skeleton using a fresh skin modifier (3 bone limit, all verts weighted) and export over the old file whilst unity was off. I then booted up Unity. The models appear, but when playing the animations, the vertex order appears to be shuffled-with polys scrambled within the correct silhouette of the model.

My animation files do not contain the mesh model, just the bones. I was planning on using the bone system with a series of characters.

I have systematically run through each version of the FBX exporters in case that was a factor. I have tried converting the poly mesh to editable mesh. I have tried snapshotting the mesh, and skinning that - but again, no joy. I have tried importing the FBX of one of the animations, then rigging to THAT, just to make absolutely sure the names are the same, but again- pizza time.

Is there some sort of skin cache file in unity I need to delete to update my skinned models?

Cheers in advance!

I'm not entirely sure how you problem looks. Can you post screenshots? Do you mean it look correct in the the preview, but on in the scene?

The only way I now to reset some kind of "cache" is to remove your model from a scene and add it again. Not very convenient way, but fixes some things.

Excuse the delay- dragged off to project after project… finally have time to revisit my game.

This bug I was seeing is, infact, another occurance of the FBX reimporting into prefabs nightmare people are mentioning in other threads. I discovered no problem with the assets when doing a fresh import of a duplicate of the assets.


How on earth I am supposed to update all my temporary assets now? Rebuild the lot to load the model dynamically seems to be the feedback, but then I cannot see the model to place it. This is horrible!

Is anything being done to fix this so art can be updated?