Relative positions on model animations are broken

So I have a simple monster model that i want to script an advanced AI for, I made all the animations, rigging, modelling in blender, and now Im trying to set it up in Unity.

Ive been trying to make an AI for it but it has such weird relative positions. I now noticed that the T-pose animation for my model is strictly facing the Z axis which is good, the bad thing is that when I try to make the model have an idle animation or use ANY other animation (except the T-pose) it ends up like rotating a good chunk of degres to the left (-x). So I dont get WHY that is happening?

In blender all my animations strictly face one direction, but in unity the T-pose faces correctly, every other animation faces like ~45 degres to the left.

Any advice will be appreciated, thanks.

I fixed it, I just had to reimport and it managed to work, I dont know why though it didnt work the first time.