relativetorque and eulerAngles help

hi i have a car and the wheels are spinning using `rigidbody.AddRelativeTorque` and i make the wheels steer left and right using `transform.localRotation.y = Quaternion.Euler(0,-20,0).y;`

so when i try this it make the wheels spin really weirdly and i was wondering if it is possible to make the rotation of the wheel relative on the y but not using `transform.localRotation`


To make the wheel's y-axis always remain pointing upwards place each wheel into separate empty game objects and then steer by rotation the container object.

Although I wouldn't recommend spinning the wheels in this way to make a car move. There are far better solutions that aren't as glitchy such as using the wheel collider that comes with unity.

Check out the unity race car tutorial for how to set them up.