Relay + Lobby integration question

I have a Lobby system up and running (using Unity Services Lobby and Relay), and I’m integrating it with Relay. Currently, when someone creates a lobby (as host), I also start up a Relay host, and as described in the documentation for Relay/Lobby integration, I update the Player data of the Lobby Host and set their allocationId (retrieved when starting the Relay host).

My question involves connecting Lobby members to the Hosts Relay. Currently, when the Hosts Relay gets spun up, I get the joinCode for the Relay connection they created and save it in the lobbyInstance.Data Dictionary and update the Lobby with it (with Lobby Member visibility). When Clients connect to the Lobby, they check to see if that joinCode is in the lobbyInstance.Data, and if it is (it should be if the Hosts Relay creation was successful), I connect them to the Lobby Hosts Relay via that code. The Relay connectiom is all managed internally without any player input, besides creating the initial Lobby.

My question is, is this the way you’re “supposed” to do it? Or am I integrating them improperly? Cause it does work, but I have the feeling I’m doing it “wrong”. The main thing I have seen in the documentation regarding integrating the two systems is setting Lobby member allocationId’s, but all that really does is alert the Lobby when a Lobby member has disconnected from the Relay so pertinent events can trigger etc.