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Database Control Pro is a complete online database solution for Unity. It is designed to be easy to use for beginners and very flexible for more advanced users. It allows you to securely store large amounts of data online for your game, which can be accessed anywhere in the world. It includes many useful tools for adding a server data storage backend to your game all within the Unity editor. You can setup databases, view and edit databases (imagine a basic Microsoft Excel) and visually script server-side code all within Unity. With a range of demo templates you can setup an accounts system for your game in minutes.

We provide the server, we provide the storage, and we’ve learnt the necessary languages leaving you to develop your game.

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  • User accounts (Login, Register, Save Data, Load Data, etc)
  • Release in-game news without having to rebuild
  • Save online chats to a database so players can continue from where they left off
  • Create your own basic analytics
  • Daily rewards, and record the time since a player last logged in
  • Use with IAP systems to record player stats and purchases
  • ... and do anything else you can think of with an online databases


  • Unlimited number of databases
  • Visually script server-side responses (drag and drop)

  • Get/Set data from/to the databases

  • If statements and loops

  • Use variables (sent from game or created server-side)

  • Perform string, integer and floating point operations

  • Use server time and IP addresses

  • ... and more

  • View and edit databases in the Unity editor

  • You don’t need to use any other software or programming languages

  • Includes 4 main demos which can be customized and used in your game

  • A few extra demos for testing

  • A extension to the Unity UI system for smooth animations (used in demos)

  • Supports all versions of Unity from 4.6 onwards

  • Supports C# and Unityscript

  • Should support all platforms (we have only tested Desktop, Web Player, WebGL and Android)

  • Maintained online documentation

  • Long term high-quality support and updates

  • Regular database backups

  • Secure data transfer with SSL

Disclaimer: Database Control Pro does not currently working in China. We are working to find a solution for this.

The Editor Tools:

The Setup Window – Create/Rename/Delete Databases and Command Sequences. Publish/Unpublish databases to increase security. Setup project and demo scenes in minutes.

The Database Viewer Window – View and edit databases. Update changes. Perform row/column operations and view the results of Command Sequences.

The Sequencer Window – Visually script Command Sequences which can be run on the server at runtime. A very unlimited and flexible solution for all of your database reading and writing needs.

Database Control Pro includes other built-in windows for testing Command Sequences in the editor, Bug Reporting and finding the latest version of the package.


All of the demos we create will be included in the package with a quick setup using the Setup Window.

Basic Login Demo: WebGL, Windows, Mac, Linux - This is the simplest of all of the demos, providing a simple login/register accounts system where a data string can be saved and loaded. If you want to create a more complex system for your game we advise starting with this demo and building on it while using the other demos as guidance.

Third Person Demo: WebGL, Windows, Mac, Linux - This demo is much closer to a real game example. You can login/register and move a third person character around a scene. It has an inventory where you can pick up and drop cubes. The position and rotation of the player, the positions of the cubes and the player's inventory can be saved and loaded for each account.

Online Chat Demo: WebGL, Windows, Mac, Linux - This demo shows a very simple online chat demo. You can read and write comments and most importantly all of the comments are stored in a database online so they are 'remembered' even when no players are playing the game. You could also use 'Database Control Pro' with Photon's chat (or others) for the very best in-game chat experience.

City Constructor Demo: WebGL, Windows, Mac, Linux - This demo is the most complex of all of the demos. Nearly everything the player does is checked in Command Sequences server-side which makes it very secure and impossible to cheat. The aim is to build/upgrade houses to increase the population to increase your level. You can also build factories to generate money over time and banks to increase the amount of money you can store. It has many features including a more advanced login/register system, you can build/upgrade/move/sell buildings, recording the time since the player last logged, daily rewards, level up, ... etc.


Features Video - A video outlining the features and uses of Database Control Pro. The video was made in Unity using the UI animation system included with Database Control Pro. The video will be included in the Database Control Pro package if you want to see how it works.

Quick Setup Video - A tutorial showing how to setup Database Control Pro in a project and how to setup the demo scenes.

Basic Introduction Video - A tutorial following on from the Quick Setup Video showing the basics of the Database Control Pro editor windows.

UI System Video - A tutorial showing the basics of how to use the UI Animation System which is included with Database Control Pro.


Asset Store Page
Website: Contact Form
Asset Store Publisher Page

Database Control (Free) links:
Unity Forum
Asset Store Page

Contact us at: solution_studios@outlook.com

Future Updates:

Version 1.0.2 is the latest update for Database Control Pro providing full Unity 5.5 support.
We have started working on an update for Database Control (Free). More information on the forum here.
We are currently planning a major update for Database Control Pro (v1.1) which will have some new features. But, this will be after the next DCF update so you might have to wait a while.
We also plan on making some more tutorial videos.

Thanks for reading

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We origionally made a post about this on the (new) forums a few days ago. As the forums have been rolled back we have recreated the post on these forums.

You can see a read-only version of the origional post here.

Latest News:

We have nearly finished the Third Person Demo. It has taken us a bit longer than expected as we spent a long time getting the UI right. We still need to add the ability to set it up in the Setup Window (which shouldn't take long) and add comments to the scripts. Once we have done this we will upload the demo.

The Third Person Demo is now finished.

You can try it here.

We have got the base for our online documentation setup today. As the documentation is online we will finish it after we have sent the package to the Asset Store Team. This is because 'Database Control Pro' is a service so it will take longer for the Asset Store Team to review and we can finish the documentation while they are reviewing it. This makes submitting the package a priority and the documentation less important at the moment.

We have also made good progress on our next demo which is a simple online chat. Hopefully we will be able to show it to you over the weekend.

We have uploaded our chat demo. You can try it here.

We have a few bits of code to finish, then the 4th (and last) demo, then a video or two and then we will finally be submitting it to the Asset Store. We have decided the initial price will be $35 until the first update when we will put it up to $45 (as we have many new features we want to include).

We wanted to release the 4th demo today, but its taking us a lot longer than expected to put it together. It will be a city building demo with many features. We are about halfway at the moment and hopefully we can release it this week.

In the meantime here is the Quick Setup video we have put together:


We were using a Command Sequence earlier which was meant to retrieve the string '2000' from a database. It kept giving us '7'. It turned out to be quite a major bug. Luckily, we solved it (array problems with variables in server-side code).

Anyway, here is the 4th and final (for now) demo: City Constructor Demo

Nearly everything in this demo is checked server side so the Command Sequences are longer which means they are slower. Speed is an issue we will tackle in the future, it will probably be one of the first things we look at after the initial release of Database Control Pro. We want to completely rewrite all of our server-side code with a different setup which should give responses at least 5 times quicker.

Now we have all of the demos done, the Database Control Pro package is complete, but we have it working in Unity 5.4 beta. Next we want to get it working back in Unity 4.6 which might take a while due to backwards compatiblity issues. We will probably have to recreate all demo scenes from just the scripts and assets.

We have just finished making a video showing the uses and features of Database Control Pro.

We made this video within Unity using the UI system we have included in Database Control Pro. Then we built a desktop version and recorded it with screen recording software. Then we uploaded it to youtube where we added the music.

The Unity scene which contains this video with all the UI animations will be included in the Database Control Package if anyone wants to see how it works.

Edit: Just noticed we spelt 'documentation' wrong at 1:22

We have nearly finished getting Database Control Pro working in Unity 4.6, but we still haven't tested it. It will probably take another day to finish this. Then we will upgrade it to Unity 5 which will hopefully be a lot quicker to get working. Then we will get it working in 5.3 and maybe the just released version of 5.4.

As we have nothing else to show you, here is the next tutorial showing all of the editor windows and there uses. It doesn't go into much depth with the Sequencer window, but we will save this for later tutorials or the documentation.


Unity 4.6 compatibility - Done
Unity 5.0 compatiblity - Done
Unity 5.3 compatibility - Done

We will upload Database Control Pro to the Asset Store using these three versions of Unity. This means it should now work in all versions of Unity after (and including) 4.6

We will create the asset store graphics today and plan to submit it today or tommorrow

After over 12 months of planning and development we have finally submitted Database Control Pro Version 1.0 to the Unity Asset Store. Hopefully, it will be approved by the Asset Store Team (it might need a few resubmissions).

As it is a service, the reviewing process will probably last a few weeks (maybe months) to check the legal side of it and make sure it works long term. Meanwhile, we will be working on finishing the online documentation and then start the first update for Database Control Pro. Then we might start an update for Database Control (Free).

The Asset Store Publisher Administration site provides a preview to us, of what the asset store page would look like when released. We took a screenshot of it to show you:

We are making good progress with the documentation and are nearly halfway.

In the meantime we have added a few more platforms for testing the demos:

Login Demo: Windows, Mac, Linux
Third Person Demo: Windows, Mac, Linux
Chat Demo: Windows, Mac, Linux
City Constructor Demo: Windows, Mac, Linux
(WebGL demos are still available in the origional post)

We will try to reupload the demos as often as possible as we will be improving them as we update Database Control Pro.

Our first submisson of Database Control Pro has been declined because the Asset Store Team want a documentation included with the package and won't accept an online documentation. We still have a lot to do with the documentation so this might take a few days, maybe a week. Then we will resubmit the package for attempt number 2!

We have resubmitted the package today with a pdf documentation included. The pdf documentation will probably not be updated with every version of Database Control Pro, but the online documentation will.

The online documentation is not finished yet, but it is close and we still have lots of time to finish it.

We will be working on Database Control Pro over the next few weeks, but there will be very little to actually show you. So if you have any questions now is the perfect time to ask them!



It has been declined again with two reasons this time.

Firstly, the Asset Store Team don't want the Setup to be based on invoice checking. This is a big problem for us as account data is completley based on invoice checking. Instead, we are going to make using your invoice optional. Using your invoice to setup DCP would give the benefit that you can use the same databases across projects and we can provide support to you through the bug reporter. This will change the setup process very little so the Setup video and setup section of the documentation will still apply.

Secondly, they found an error appearing in the console which they won't accept. We knew about this error, but we also knew that it has no effect on how Database Control Pro works so we decided to ignore it.

We will resubmit the asset but putting a length of time on this is difficult. You can never be sure how long it will take to fix errors.

Database Control Pro has been released!

The Asset Store Team appear to have been working at supersonic speeds this past week and Database Control Pro has been accepted and released on the Unity Asset Store.

Go to the Asset Store Page

How do you guys plan on dealing with server costs. For yourselves and for the people that buy this plugin.

How do you guys plan on dealing with server costs. For yourselves and for the people that buy this plugin.

You might have noticed the requests for Database Control Pro are a bit slower to respond when compared to most game backends. This is because we are using a system which costs us almost nothing. We use a similar system with Database Control (Free). Due to the very low costs, we know the package will pay for itself and is a sustainable solution. The current version of Database Control Pro should work forever (but, obviously we can't 100% guarentee this).

If we have users who want a faster system, we will have to reprogram all server-side code (which we are willing to do) to use a different system. This might not be sustainable cost wise, so we might have to change the pricing system and maybe even go subscription. But, the current system will always remain working.

We have also thought about adding an optional subscription/pay-for-what-you-use faster system on top of the standard slower system. So you would pay $35 for permanent use of the slower Database Control Pro, and if you choose you can use the faster system with a subscription on top of that.

But, we will leave these decisions for now, and return to them when we have more users to see how many would be willing to pay for it and if it is worth doing.

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Database Control Pro is being featured as New on Asset Store

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