[RELEASED]Defend or Die! - 2112TD Now Available on Android and iOS

**** Updated for release!****

Indie developer studio Refinery Productions today announced the release of their first IP 2112TD, a sci-fi tower defense game which is now available on Android & iOS.

Set 100 years in the future, players must battle inter-dimensional flesh spawn across the solar system and defend Earth's colonies from complete annihilation.

The pace is steady, but the stakes are high as the relentless hordes amass in an effort to overrun the player’s mobile command centre.

Unlike traditional games in the genre, the player will be relying heavily on micro-managing dynamic action-based abilities. As they progress deeper into the campaign airstrikes, charged attacks, fortification walls and the tactical drone will become increasingly vital and deploying them strategically will be paramount.

Mistakes won’t go unpunished so the player must stay frosty, learn from their blunders and endure to fight another day. Without pain there can be no gain!

Throughout development, Immersion has always been at the top of the team’s priority list. Every feature and mechanic was conceptualized with the intention of keeping the player fully engaged in the battlefield.

The audio and graphics have all been built from the ground up, handcrafted by the art team to capture the games aesthetic and setting. The artistic style of 2112TD will induce intense hits of nostalgia into the minds of veteran RTS players of the 90s and early 2000s.

2112TD contains no pay to win features. The base cost provides full access to all of the games contents with no in-app purchases or advertisements that break the player’s immersion.

Request a review copy – Android & iOS builds available.
Download the press Pack – High resolution artwork, screenshots and more.

Refinery productions


3rd June 2020

$1.99 / €2.09 / £1.89

Android, iOS

2112TD’s artistic style is founded on the nostalgia of the RTS golden era, paying homage to games like Command and Conquer and StarCraft.

The battlefield is an unforgiving landscape and every second counts. Beginners will find forgiveness on normal mode while veterans will be drawn to the brutal challenge of hard. When you’re ready it’s time to put your skills to the test in survival. How long can you hold back the hordes?

Deploy the machine gun, flame thrower, artillery and plasma turrets to destroy your foes. Upgrade your towers to their experimental stages packing serious firepower and charged attacks.

When the situation gets too hairy you’ll be relying on air support. The airstrike and tactical drone deliver the big BOOM as well as defensive abilities.

Earth’s egg heads are working tirelessly to gain the upper hand against the new enemy. Unlock new abilities and weapons as you progress.

They call it the soldier’s dictionary. The tactical database gathers data on the battlefield about your arsenal and enemies alike. Be sure to check it often as it will be critical to your triumph against the hordes.


Developed under the Refinery Productions umbrella, the team has had no external financial investment and is not affiliated with a publisher.

2112TD is a true indie title at its core, built during the free time of the developers. From the very beginning our team has been driven to create a truly awesome tower defence title, combining all of the classic ingredients that make the genre timeless and the game play everlasting.

We’d love to hear from you so please don’t hesitate to contact us if you have any feedback or questions regarding the press release or game - james@refineryproductions.com

2112TD on App Store: https://apps.apple.com/us/app/2112td-tower-defence-survival/id1514617649?ls=1
2112TD on Google Play: https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.refineryproductions_2112td
2112TD Press Kit: Dropbox Link
2112TD Official Website: https://2112td.refineryproductions.com/
2112TD on IndieDB: https://www.indiedb.com/games/2112td
2112TD on Twitter: https://twitter.com/2112td?lang=en
2112TD on Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/2112TD/
Refinery Website: https://refineryproductions.com/


Pete, our new developer has created his first dev blog. The first installment provides a bit of insight into how he has implemented the core elements in the Unity engine.


Pete, our new developer has created his first dev blog. The first installment provides a bit of insight into how he has implemented the core elements in the Unity engine.


We've got some new eye candy!

The Thinker model finished!

And the Goliath is on its way!

It looks nice. Please add more ingame scenes. This project got my interest.

Pretty interesting looking model.
What is the fin type thing below the head of the thinker? Teeth?
If so - they are slightly flat looking - looks more like a fin on a fish instead of teeth.
Will probably look fine in game - because they won't be seen this close - but since you are showing them this close - thought I'd comment on how it looks in the posted image.
Rest of the model looks good, nice subtle color variations - purple/green, and normal/spec look good.

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A Colossal Flesh Storm is coming, Check out the new 2112TD Trailer

At long last, Refinery Productions is proud to announce the launch of their teaser trailer for 2112TD.


Game Overview

2112TD brings you a beautifully immersive tower defence experience. Expect to see all the classic ingredients that make TD games so timeless and everlasting, complimented by features adapted from the real time strategy genre. Set 100 years in the future, you must battle inter-dimensional hell spawn across the solar system in a desperate struggle to defend Humanity from total annihilation.

The pace is steady, but the tension is high as the relentless hordes amass in an effort to overrun your fortifications. Towers alone cannot stop them and you will need to think strategically, taking advantage of the games unique assets such as the fortification wall, the armoured drone, the surveillance drone and the aerial bombardment craft.

2112TD is being developed as a true indie title in Unity with no investment or financial backing. United under the banner of Refinery Productions the eight sci-fi geeks are driven by an intense need for endless virtual slaughter.

Genre: Tower Defence
Format: Android, iOS
Release Date: Q4 2016 / Q1 2017
SDK: Unity

Follow 2112TD:

Website: http://2112td.refineryproductions.com/
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/2112TD/
Twitter: https://twitter.com/2112td
SlideDB: http://www.slidedb.com/games/2112td
Refinery Productions: http://refineryproductions.com/

Nice trailer!

What amazes me most is that you guys managed to get 8 (or actually 9 I guess, as shown here) people on your team without (at least not much) financial backing. How on earth did you manage to do that?

You mention that it’s a project that’s enjoyable for you guys to work on, which I definitely understand, but that’s still a mean feat–how did each of you even come to know about the project?

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Thanks very much for the kind words Venryx! You know it means a lot to get this kind of response. I don't think a lot of people appreciate the determination and dedication required in order to see a project like this through. You know we've had a lot of ups and downs and quite a few team members drop in and out. Fortunately, we are now in an excellent position with a fantastic developer and creative team working on getting the game finished. It's been a long journey, a lot has been learned and to be honest I've loved every minute of it. I said form the beginning that this game will get made and we will make it the best it can be! :-)

More eye candy will be coming soon! Thanks for reaching out

It is indeed a fin! This monster is telepathic and doesn't have mouth that we are all familiar with! Visually we went for something fetus like... a big floating baby... a real nasty floating baby.;)

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More eye candy! The biggest and nastiest monster to appear in 2112TD is modelled!

New map finished. Gets tough here!

It looks fantastic! How did you create the map? Drawing the images or created with 3d models?

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Thank you for the kind words Azami and sorry for the late response. The terrain is illustrated and edited in photoshop. Placeholders for the buildings are replaced with 3D models and then everything is blended together.

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Happy new year everybody! Here's some stinky hell slime to enjoy!

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The final standoff between humanity and the hell spawn will take place on a rogue asteroid pulled out of orbit by the massive orbiting alien structure. How long can you hold them off..?

A very exciting week for our team - 2112TD is now available on Android and iOS!:)

2112TD Just got voted app on the week on Touch Arcade:


2112TD lands in the top 5 games of the week on pocket gamer:


Awesome! I wish it was more common...

The reviews are very good, the game looks great!
I'd like to buy it, but how does it work when one buys a game on the Google Play Store?
Can I download the apk to physically save it? Or is it again the all-online curse, and the day the Google services are shut down (yes, it happens, see Google+) I'll lose it forever? (then it would be renting, not buying)
I just tried to buy it, but it only shows it'd work on my S9, which means I can't try it on my tablet (Android 9). And playing a tower defense on a screen's phone...