[RELEASED] Horse Animset Pro 3



Hey guys, I present to you Horse Animset Pro
Current Version 4.0

Features HAP3

  • 80 Animations Clips
  • 4 Horse Styles (3 Realistic, Poly Art)
  • Several Textures Sets for each horse Style
  • LODs
  • Armor and Saddle
  • Unity Cloth Simulation for the Reins and Mane
  • Sounds
  • Basic Step System (Track Sound and Tracks particles )
  • Animal Controller for managing all Malbers Animations creatures
  • Abilities: Swim, Fall, Jump, Attack, Death, Walk, Trot, Canter, Gallop, Sprint
  • Directional Damage System
  • Camera Base Input
  • Terrain Alignment
  • Supports NavMesh Agents. Basic AI


  • 132 Animation Clips (Meant to be used with Humanoid Rigs for better compatibility)
  • Cowboy Model with 1 Texture Set
  • Rider System (TCP & FPS)
  • Rider Combat System: Bow, Pistol, Melee (next: Spear, Rifle, Magic Staff, Throwables)
  • Compatibility with mayors TCP Controllers on the Unity AssetStore (Ootii, Invector, Opsive)
  • Very very veeeery Basic Inventory system to demonstrate the compatibility of the Rider Combat System with external inventories.


  • Utility Scripts for making life much easier

  • Material Changer

  • Blend Shapes

  • Meshes Changer

  • Animator Message Behaviour

  • Animator Sound Behaviour

  • Head Track

  • Weapons(Models, Textures and Scripts)

  • Animal Basic AI

  • Camera Rig System with camera states.

I'm a big fan of high quality animations.

check the web demo here: http://bit.ly/HorsePro1
Asset Store: https://goo.gl/Zrfvo7



Nice job. Added to my whish list

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Very nice animation and controller.

Death - get shot
Running - somersault death
More idles - shake main, swat fly with tail, throw head back, eating head up and down
Several optional runs would be nice - trot, faster run with ears pinned back and head/neck straighter

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Thanks theANMATOR2b , Im putting them on the next animation list!! cheers

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Animations for a winged horse sound like a great addition to me.


Hey guys, These are the new features for the next update I just Upload.
I used the 3rd person controller that comes with the Stantards assets to test the mount and unmount animation but you can use your own. (In the future I will make my own with my animations better animations)
This time I focused on the programming to get the best mounting experience.

(Waiting for the Assetstore's aproval)

Current Update (Programming)
V 1.5
-Mounting/ Unmounting Animations.
-Mounting Logic
-Unmounting Logic
-Multiple Horse mounting/Unmounting Logic.
-IK Feet Corrections when the riders is Mounting/ Unmounting.
-Horse Collider Logic, for jumping and colliding with small, medium, and big objects.
-Adjustable Turning speed.
-Smart Stop when is galloping and founds a big obstacle.
-Cleaner Animations
-Cleaner and commented Scripts.

-more animations (Thats easy ;;))
-more horse styles (cartoon, poly art, minecraft style) undead, fire, stone, water horse maybe? you ask
-armor and props.

meanwhile you can test the web demo here!!

2469791--170030--Horse 1.5.jpg

I just lov great animations


Version 1.5.1
Added Basic Mobile Controls. with the Standart Assets

This is an excellent package, but after the last update (1.5.1)
the cowboy in the demo scene does not move (only rotate)
when pressed WASD or arrow buttons. Could you please fix it.

Damn errors!!!

When I added the Basic Mobile Controls some how when I updated the cowboy lose the avatar, thats why he does not move.2487153--171530--MissingAvatar.jpg
And the other Error was that Unity could'nt find the new Inputs
Mount button

One, Two, Three2487153--171532--MountButton.jpg

I hate when it Happen!!

Sorry for the inconvenience

I just realize that Editor/Project Settings/Input changes don't comes with the assets.

I double check everything!! and just
sent the new Version.

Any issue yo guys find please let me know

Kind regards

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Looking forward to the flying horse, if that's still on the radar. :)

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yeah Pegasus is on plans, Im currently working on other asset, but I will always return to my first baby, when I finish my next asset I will update more animations, texures and models for the horse, for Update 2.0;
then in update 3.0 Pegasus Will Born!! YAY!!!

Soo … yeah that’s still on the radar :wink:


Version 1.5.2 OUT!!

Minor issues fixed... the horse is running again!


I love this!

However, I have some animation requests before I buy it.

Any chance you can include grazing and maybe some sort of resting....standing and sleeping at the very least? I want to use them in a herd so need more than just idle.

Please let me know if this is something you would do and I will buy it now. lol


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Great, I was looking for horse animations with rider and behold I found this thread by a chance. Going to purchase it now and will update you with feedback if there is any.


P.S It's on Sale 50% off.


Dang, missed the sale.

Is this pack using Mecanim animations or Legacy, Generic, etc?

I have my human characters animated and am using Legacy animations and I would like to use the rider animations (as well as horse obviously) with my characters.

Looks great, and to echo ChadM's question, how retargetable are the Horse animations? I'd love to use the horse animations on a different custom horse model of mine, but I'd imagine that wouldn't really be possible as is?

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I imagine most horse models would have a similar bone structure, so wouldn’t you just rename the bones to match? (I haven’t done it, but isn’t that how it is done?)

The asset store description says for mecanim.

Not sure what happened to the developer. I hope he comes back.

That would make sense, although I’m not too sure how generic a horses bones would have to be, eg. whether the bone rotations of a custom horse would have to match up exactly? I’m not an animator, so it may be as simple as that of course, just not sure as I’ve only worked with humanoid characters before. I spose this is more of a generic question that I should look up, rather than one for this thread :slight_smile:

I think it will be tough to transfer from one generic to another although worth a try. You might also be able to switch to legacy in the import settings. I know some animals I have tried do switch between the two but not all do.

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