[RELEASED] Lungo - Logic Game

Lungo - Logic Game

A couple of months ago I decided to revive my Unity skills after a couple of years and create an Android game. I started creating a minimalistic puzzle game called Lungo.
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Lungo is a logic game that will thoroughly test your thinking and deduction. Fill the board and cover all grey dots to solve the puzzles. Although the puzzles look simple and minimalistic at first sight, it may surprise you how challenging the game can be.

There are over 500+ logic puzzles. It's great to play the game in short breaks - for example in public transport. Playing this logic game is a great exercise for your brain and logical thinking. After you get to know the main logical principles, your brain will start to get better and faster at solving more logic puzzles.

Main features

  • dark mode
  • intuitive tutorial
  • hints when you get stuck

  • hundreds of levels

  • multiple languages

  • minimalist design

How to play

Your goal in this game is to drag yellow lines on the grid while fulfilling these three simple rules:

  1. The lines cannot overlap
  2. You must cover all grey dots in the grid
  3. Each line has to reach length given by the corresponding number

As the game grid gets bigger with higher difficulties, you will have to use your logical thinking and deduction before making a move in this logic game.
However, if you get stuck solving a puzzle, you can use hints that will help you get back on track. Or you can undo your last steps.

Google Play

Yesterday I wrote an article for Unity developers creating games for Android. The article focuses on why and when to use In-App Reviews to allow your users review your game without leaving the game. You can check it out here:


In this game I implemented simple but powerful event system that helps me to easily handle custom game events as well as reduce coupling between components and GameObjects. If you want to learn more about how I implemented it read this blog post I wrote:


The game has just recieved its own landing page that will shortly introduce you to the game as well as present you the main features!


I like very much the peaful look and feel, good luck with your release.

Thank you! Since I am not a designer, I wasn't really sure if I should rather use more colorful, attention-seeking look that will attract more attention. But I liked the idea of bright, less saturated colors as you can see at this screenshot where I was originally designing the visuals.


I've created Discord Server for testers and people who want to get updates about the game from the first hand. If you want to get in touch with me, I will be pleased to welcome you here:

I've also created a page on itch.io. You can check it out here:


Release comming soon!
I have fixed all the major bugs that came up from beta testing and now the game is ready for release! If you want to get informed right when the game gets released, join Discord server or preregister for the game on Google Play. I am looking forward to your feedback once the game gets released!

It started as a project where I wanted to improve my coding skills. It grew into a game I like to play by myself. Today, I'm releasing it on Google Play.

Since my budget is very low, I must focus on the game quality and improving the presence of the game on Google Play. To achieve this, I need to gain downloads and good ratings in the first days after the release. I would be really grateful if you tried the game and maybe even wrote some short review on Google Play. It would really help me a lot.
I greatly appreciate your help!


After two months in production the app has succesfully achieved these milestones:

  • 20 000+ total installs
  • 7 000 active installs
  • 4.5 stars on Google Play

These results are a great motivation for me to create an iOS version. Follow this thread for more future info!

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I've been collecting feedback and fixing bugs since the Android release to be able to release improved version of the game to Apple AppStore. The game is now fully released here: