[RELEASED] Sci-Fi Weapons -- New Sound FX Library - [Free Updates] -- UPDATE 1.5 is available!

UPDATE 1.5 is available!


In v1.5 update we add 11 new weapons and two new reloads/ricochets packs. The total number of sounds in the library comes up to 2626, and this concludes our work on this enormous Sci-Fi Weapons library.

Thank you for being with us all this time! We are very proud of this vast and high quality sound selection.

This product really doesn’t have many alternatives on the market.

Grab the library right now, before the price increases!

Principle Audio Team
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UPDATE 1.4 is available!

We’ve added 3 brand new guns, 204 sounds in total – bringing the total number of sounds in the library to 2093.
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UPDATE 1.3 is available!

We’ve added HBRD B20-18 gun, 42 sounds in total – bringing the total number of sounds in the library to 1889.
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UPDATE 1.2 is available!
We've added 11 brand new guns, 537 sounds in total. With another 537 sounds – bringing the total number of sounds in the library to 1847.
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UPDATE 1.1 is available!
240 new sounds in total, a couple of brand new guns and some various reloads!
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We are happy to announce you our brand new Sci-Fi Weapons sound fx library.
We've been in a long and productive collaboration with Soundmorph, during which such packs as Future Weapons 2 and Steampunk Weapons were built. Now, we are about to present the project of our own.

Sci-Fi Weapons -- New Sound FX Library - [Free Updates]

Premium quality sound library, consists of more than 1800 futuristic weapon shots, charges, ricochets and other related sounds.

Early Price: $45 (increases over time)

All of them were designed using exclusively recorded foley sounds, synthetic layers, various sound manipulation and morphing techniques.

Royalty Free

The content of our sound fx library is free for use in commercial or non-commercial sound production purposes.

Free Updates

Forthcoming updates and extensions of the library are free! You have to pay the actual price once, and you will be getting new stuff as it is released.

What gun will be added next – it's up to you!

You are welcome to take part in discussions of future updates. You may leave your comment and suggest a new gun for us to create, we will consider it in detail. Describing a weapon, be as specific as possible, tell us about its mechanics and the way it shoots. Direct references are extremely helpful too.

Can't find the right sound – we'll make it!
But please, keep it in sci-fi setting ;)

Starting price – $45
Pay attention: price rises as the library expands, but once the library is bought, all future updates are free.

What are these sounds for?
We do a great variety of gunshots, weapon handling and other weapon-related sounds, they could be used for handheld guns, turrets, cannons, robots, tanks, aircraft and anything else that shoots or explodes.

Why so many identical sounds?
We decided to make multiple variations of each sound, to provide flexibility and variability in sound programming. Samples may sound alike at first glance, but they actually have different tails and impulses, and the ear doesn't recognize them as totally same sounds. It is essential in creating of a realistic sonic image.

Can I get these sounds in better quality?
Yes, you can. All the sounds were initially made in 96 kHz / 24 bit format. This format is suitable for professional sound design purposes. If you are interested in getting sounds in this format – contact us directly.

What's going on next?
We are planning to work on this project further and make the library really vast. There are more than thousand sounds already, and we've scheduled to double that quantity in three months. Note: price will rise accordingly.

Forum discussion:
Ask us any questions here, we're glad to answer you.

Let's make the library together! :)

Principle Audio Team


Good news everyone!

We've updated the demo, added some reloading sounds and various miscellaneous sfx.
Also, we're currently working on new stuff, a big update is coming soon, stay tuned.


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Bought this immediately. Just from listening to the previews, its clear that this is extremely high quality. I love that you are expanding the pack for free. I'll leave feedback / requests once Ive listened to most of it.

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Didn't realize you had this on the Asset Store... I just bought it last night from A Sound Effect. Will you be updating it there as well?

Also, I'm really enjoying the sounds, but there seems to be a scarcity of impact/hit sounds. Would love to have a much larger variety of these types of sounds if possible. Thanks for your time!

Thanks buddy! :)

Yes, we will be updating the library on A Sound Effects.

Currently we're working on an update, with a couple of new guns. Speaking of hits, I think we will be able to add some more of them to one of the upcoming updates. Thanks for the feedback!

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UPDATE 1.1 is on the way!
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Hi guys!
We're about to release our first update for the library.

All sounds are ready, we're currently approving the release on Unity Store.
Until then, check out the new sounds:

240 new sounds in total, a couple of brand new guns and some various reloads!

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So, I promised some feedback. (havent listened to 1.1 yet)

All in all, I really like the pack, the variations and the "dry" clips (single shot, no wind-up, no reload etc).

My only complaint would be that I didnt really find any effects with a lot of "oomph" in the low end, if that makes sense?
I would love for some of these clips to have something along the lines of the M416 in PlayerUknowns Battlegrounds. Here is an example of what I mean. Now, I know that this is a realistic projectile weapon, I'm not after this exact sound, but just as an example of something to throw into the mix. I feel like a lot of these effects could really shine with some more "oomp!", "Pow!" or whatever the technical term is :) Anyway, keep up the good work!

EDIT: I guess what I'm liking about that sound effect is the sharp onset it has. Many of your effects have a longer onset or build-up.

Nice comment! I think I got what you mean, but hey, not all of our guns are projectile! Some of them are particle dissipators, mass distortors, energy beam emitters and all sorts of outer space future stuff. But maybe we should do some more sharp and thumpy sounds. That makes sense. Thanks a lot for your feedback and stay tuned for future updates!

UPDATE 1.1 is available!
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Hi everyone!
Finally, the 1.1 version is out now!
If you have already bought our library, you can download it again to get all the new sounds for free!
If you are new to Sci-Fi Weapons, buy now and you will get the complete pack, the 1.1 update is included.

We’ve added 5 brand new guns and the pack of reloading SFX.
With another 240 sounds – bringing the total number of sounds in the library to 1310.

May the Force be with you!

UPDATE 1.2 is on the way!
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Hi everyone!

I want to announce our next big update. All the new sounds are all ready and sent to approve.
We have 11 new guns in there, and it is 537 new sounds!

Attention! When the update is online, the price will rise up to $45, BUT you can grab a library right now for $35 and the update will be free for you!

Stay tuned!

UPDATE 1.3 is available!
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Hi guys!
1.3 version is out now!
If you have already bought our library, you can download it again to get all the new sounds for free!
If you are new to Sci-Fi Weapons, buy now and you will get the complete pack, the 1.3 update is included.

We’ve added HBRD B20-18 gun, 42 sounds in total – bringing the total number of sounds in the library to 1889.

May the Force be with you!

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We have just released the fresh update of our library, which is version 1.4 now. For those, who have already purchased the previous version, the update is still free. Make sure to get the new stuff!
We have added 3 mighty weapons: FRACTURAZER-Z, GOLIATH LT1 and GOLIATH LT2, increasing the library by 204 brand new sounds.

Check it out!

Hi, it's awesome that you guys are updating the sfx library, but I'm not seeing any of these updates past 1.2 on asoundeffect.com, where I bought your library. Are there updates coming to that platform as well? Thanks.

Hi! The system there is a bit complicated, but we are trying to release the update there as soon as possible. So, stay tuned!

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Hey Korindian, we've been recently posting the update here and there, so there's a high chance of the lib being updated on your platform as well ;)

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Awesome, thanks!

Hi there! I cannot understand how i did not came across of your asset before. Anyway I am interested to know is every weapon effect has single shot variant? That would be very important for me to know! Also will you by any chance participate in the May Madness Sale?


P.S.: How about beam weapon effects, charge and discharge? Are there any?

Hi Zoltan!

Yes we indeed have single shots for every weapon. In fact, we have a lot of single shot and burst shot samples for each gun, we always try to do as many variations as we can think of.
About beam weapons, we currently don't have these in the library. There are mostly singleshot and rapid fire weapons. But beam weapons are currently in the works, so stay tuned for that!

Also about May Madness Sale, unfortunately we won't take part in it... The price for the pack is already lowered though.

Thanks for your interest!

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Hi there,

How is it coming with the beam weapon sound effects? I am making a 4X space strategy game and i have a ton of different beam weapon VFXs but no beam SFXs for them. Any chance they will be added soon?

Kind Regards!