Reliable physics across a network?

Attempting to get something reliable across the network, even at the cost of input delay. Came across forge and some other options for authoritative servers. Thus far I’ve toyed with both Photon and Unet(the deprecated monster). Photon works really well but, physics still have reasonable issues.

Any advice for creating 100% reliable physics over the net? I’m more than willing to give up on things like quick inputs for reliable physics.

Perhaps you just want to send all the positions and rotations of all rigidbodies every FixedUpdate (and read it on the other side). Don’t have the client simulate any physics at all (disable the rigidbodies, or make them kinematic). If that’s all you need and the latency is not an issue at all, you can just create a TCP socket, using System.Net.Sockets. Not a way for realtime games though. Perhaps if you described your specific application in more detail

@WaveryDavey -

You are going to want to check out Tom Weiland’s Networking Tutorial Series on YouTube. This will get you up and running in a 3D Environment across a network.

The project is such that you could adjust it to a 2D game as well. The tutorial took me a while to get through (about a week) but well worth your time for 101 handling stuff over a network.

Unity Networking Tutorial Series