Reliable way to check if IAPXT.Init is already done


is there an easy way to check if my iaps are already initialised?

In my case i use IAPXT.Init when the user opens the purchase menu. Then i set a variable isInit to true. So next time he opens the menu, IAPXT.Init is not called anymore, because when i call it twice it chrashed the app. This works ok.
But what happens if the user silently looses the Inet connection and i want to present a network down error.
As far as i understand the delegates InitializationCompleted and InitializationFailed only fire after i use Init.

So Question: Is there something to check for “IAPXT.AlreadyInit” to either continue or try to Init and then wait for the delegates to fire?

Try using a wrapper function to check for Internet before calling IAPXT. init().
We’ll take a look at adding a high level API to check for already init in the next version.