reload gun with bullets

Im trying to make a gun reload when the reload function is called. I want the player to be able to reload whenever they want to, rather than only when the clip is empty.

So far I have

function Reload() {

    if (ammoCount > 0) 
            12 - clipsize = reloadAmmount;
            ammoCount - reloadAmmount;
            clipsize + reloadAmmount;
            BroadcastMessage ("ReloadAnimation");

The magazine has 12 shots in it, and the variable clipsize is how many bullets are in the clip. the ammoCount variable is how many bullets the player has in total, in this case, defaulted at 60. I was using reloadAmmount as a variable set to float and can change, but it doesnt seem to work. Any ideas?

You could try

ammoCount = ammoCount - reloadAmount;
clipsize = clipsize + reloadAmount;


ammoCount -= reloadAmount;
clipsize += reloadAmount;

if that works in Java. The two lines you have done don't assign their result, so in essence they do nothing.

There are different types of reloading, are you reloading an entire clip at once or reloading 1 bullet at once ? The difference is that in 1 situation you set the current bullets to the clip size the other is that your just adding 1 to clip size every 'reload speed' timer hit until it hits max