reloading a scene after death - resetting scripts

So I have a saved game. when I launch the editor and open my pause menu screen and hit “load saved” everything works as expected. I am where i was and all the playerPrefs have loaded. Now if I play and die, “game over” appears and I get thrown back to the beginning of the level - as I want. Problem is that if I hit “load saved” from the pause menu now - without quitting out of play mode in the editor - I do go where I am suppose to and some of the saved game info works but some doesn’t. Bottom line is i have to quit out of PLAY mode in the editor and then go into play mode and load the save level then . I guess it has something to do with the void Start() functions? that when entering PLAY mode they get activated making the “Load Saved” work then, but if I die and go back to the start and hit “Load Saved” it doesn’t work because the Start functions aren’t restarting? I don’t know. DOes this make sense and how can I load a save point without stopping play mode?. I imagine in a build this would amount to having to quit out of the game app and restarting it to load a save point successfully. How do I reset all my scripts after death as well player position?

Maybe you could reload the scene:

using UnityEngine.SceneManagement;

    public void RestartScene()
        Scene thisScene = SceneManager.GetActiveScene();

Then load saved game data. You might want not to destroy some of your scripts and objects, use DontDestroyOnLoad: Unity - Scripting API: Object.DontDestroyOnLoad

Edit: Re-read the question and maybe this is what you are doing already? What happens when you die, do you reload the scene?