Reloading mechanism question/help

So I need your help. I’m not that good at maths also I don’t know if there is maths needed but let me describe what I want to do:

When I want to reload and I have, let’s say 20/7 ammo and max. clip size is 30. When I want to reload it,
I decrease the total ammo I have which is 7 in this case by the distinction of the max clip size and the current clip size so:

totalAmmo -= maxClipSize - currentClipSize

so 7 - (30 - 20) = -3… I want it to decrease the totalAmmo (7) always to 0 if the totalAmmo after this action would be a negative number and fill my currentClipSize (20) by 7 in this situation. How to do it? I was thinking for so long but I can’t figure it out.

Hi @Aspect13, you were very close to a correct answer. You needed some brackets. I made an example snippet with reload wait times that I would use when doing reloading/ Cooldown. Hope this helps.

public float reloadTime;
public int clipSize;
public int remainingClip;
public int totalAmmo;

void FixedUpdate () {
	// Primary Fire
	if (input.KetKeyDown (KeyCode.MouseButton0))
	if (input.KetKeyDown (KeyCode.R))

void Fire () {
	// Do normal fire mechanics

	// Check if reload neccesary
	if (remainingClip == 0)
		StartReload ();

void StartReload () {
	// Start Any Animations Here if required
	/* Animation Code Here */ 	

	// Start any sound effects here
	/* Sound Effect Code Here */ 

	// Begin the count down
	StartCoroutine (Reloading ());

IEnumerator Reloading () {

	// Wait for the required time
	yield return new WaitForSeconds(reloadTime);
	// finish the reloading secquence and update any variables
	FinnishReoad ();

void FinnishReload () {
	// Do the reload calculations
	if (totalAmmo < clipSize - remainingClip) {
		remainingClip += totalAmmo;
		totalAmmo = 0;
	} else if (totalAmmo >= clipSize - remainingClip) {
		totalAmmo -= (clipSize - remainingClip);
		remainingClip = clipSize;