Remapping/Renaming Terrains

I’m combining many game assets together that have been created my different people in different project files. I’ve figured out how to combine them using Assets>Export Package & importing the package into the new file. I’ve renamed assets in the project browser to avoid overlaps, but I have a problem… all of these files have ground planes with the same terrain name “New Terrain 6”

I’ve tried to rename in the finder (os x), and relink. I’ve tried to duplicate & relink before the export, but I think all I’m relinking is the “Terrain collider” and not the connection between the terrain “model” and the terrain data itself. I cannot figure out how to remap/break that connection without losing all terrain data.


Click on the terrain in Hierarchy, in Inspector there’s the Collider section with Terrain Data - click that and it will highlight the corresponding terrainData file in Assets, click on that (twice/slow or F2/Windows to rename) and rename it to something else. Do that for all, then reimport and you’ll have unique names.