Remote access of Unity Asset Server?


We are a team of four and finally we happen to buy asset server and we have installed it on one machine. That machine is at one of our colleagues place and I am not within his router. Hence I am not able to access the asset server using or localhost. I am not a system administrator and neither is any of my team mates. When I browsed for help, I ended with Virtual Private Network or creating a domain name that would direct to that ip using I tried noip, but I was not able to get it working either.

  1. I added an inbound and outbound rule in windows firewall for TCP port 10733
  2. I tried to access the server using it’s ip address which I got from - it did not work either.

Please let me know in simple steps as of how to access the server from outside router. Your help is much appreciated.

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Not only do you need to open the firewall you also need to set up Port Forwarding so that any requests coming in on the outside IP get forwarded to the internal ip address.

You will also probably want to give the computer where the server is hosted a Static IP address so that when you do the port forwarding it always goes to that same IP address and that computer always has that same IP address. There are several ways to set up the static IP address. The best is to use the router’s setup to always assign the same IP to the server computer based on its Mac address.

It is really hard to say for sure what you are missing without being there.

A few things to test. Take your computer to your coleagues house and hook up to the network through his router your should be able to access the server by using the IP-address of his computer at this point as you will be part of his local network.

To verify his IP-address you will want to open a command prompt (start => run => cmd) from his computer and type in ipconfig look for the IP. From what you have stated so far it should be

Ideally you should be able to connect using that IP while you are at his house on the same router without issue. If this works then you know that you have the server setup correctly and that you are able to connect to it without issue. If this doesn’t work then you will want to troubleshoot getting the server setup correctly and getting connected to it on the local network. You will want to disable his windows firewall and any antivirus software he has running temporarily to try and establish a connection.NOTE:(Don’t Leave the security turned off as a permanent solution.)

Once you have established that you can connect to the server it becomes a matter of being able to connect from an outside network.

To connect from an outside network you will want to obtain the IP-address of the router. Dont use whatsmyip to do this. Just to be certain go into the routers settings and go to the Status Page on the router.

Obtain the IP. (If this IP is 192.168.something.something then your friends router isn’t directly connected to the Internet let me know.) Otherwise this will be the IP that you will want to try and connect to when you are at your home trying to get connected to the server.

If you are able to connect from your colleagues home but not from your home you may nee to start looking at security settings. I notice that on the router there is a setting to block outside requests from the internet. That setting is on the Security Page Firewall Tab and is the Block Anonymous Internet Requests setting.

You may just want to disable the firewall all together for testing purposes. NOTE:(Don’t Leave all the security turned off as a permanent solution.) If you are able to get connected with the firewall turned off then you you will need to take further steps to gain access.

First lets just try and get access though.

Allright, you did the port forwarding. Now all you have to do is get your colleagues ip-adres and connect to there instead of