Remote addressable assets are always included in the apk build

I have noticed that my remote addressables are always included within the APK build and do not require downloading from the server.

My APK size is 240 MB. I remember my first build with remote addressables reduced the size to 140 MB. However, after making some changes, the APK size has returned to 240 MB, and all remote addressables are included in the APK. I clicked on ‘Addressables Groups’ > ‘Build’ > ‘Clear Build Cache’ > ‘All’, then click ‘Build’ > ‘New Build’ > ‘Default Build Script’. After that, I went to the build settings and built the APK on my desktop. The catalog was built successfully with a bundle of around 100 MB. What is the proper way to build and exclude remote addressables from the build?

Here are my settings:

My addressable is inside the scene and I thought marking addressable as remote will make it excluded from the build.