Remote Config in the UGS CLI

Exciting news! The Unity Gaming Services Command Line Interface ( UGS CLI ) is live.

The UGS CLI allows you to easily manage, test and deploy Unity Gaming Services configuration.

For Remote Config this is done through the deploy command, it allows you to define your keys in a file (like this) and use the command:

ugs deploy [folder where your files are]

With Deployments, you can easily:

  • Work with local configurations for cloud code and remote config

  • Add service configuration next to the game client code

  • Apply git-like workflow to service configuration (branch, merge, diff, tag, etc…)

  • Map Unity Environment to a repository branch and work in isolation

  • Manually deploy file configuration via the CLI or Deployment Window

  • Add a deploy step to your CI/CD pipeline for automated deployment

Complete documentation can be found on the GitHub repository.

To learn more about UGS CLI or give us your feedback, please consult and comment on the release announcement .

If you need to report an issue, please use this link.

Once you have submitted a bug report through the bug reporter, please feel free to start a discussion about it in this thread or in the release announcement thread.