Remote Config platforms

Hi there!

I’m not able to find on theses forums and documentations which platform is supported by Remote Config functionality.

I’m interested into Xbox One / Xbox Series X, PS4, PS5 and Nintendo Switch. (basically all Gen 8 & 9)
I found this topic , and in July 2019 vd_unity said that Playstation and Xbox were not officialy supported.

Is there any news on the subject and/or ETAs?
Is this actually working on theses platforms but not officially supported? (IE: is whitelisting domain names https calls used by Remote Config on Console dashboards works?)
Is this just not working at all?

If anyone have some informations on theses subjects!
Thank you,

Hey Jerome,

We’re checking to what the latest is with console support, and will let you know!

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Hi @unity_Ctri ,

Did you got any news on that subject? I'll have to start moving on that subject in the next month. Do i need to develop a custom solution or can i rely on this feature on 1/2/3/all platforms?

Thank you

Hey Jerome,

Last feedback I had on this was that all of RC 2.X was certified / confirmed working on consoles.
However the current version 3.X that links with the new Unity Gaming Services family is pending, as the certification process is being done for the entire UGS family together.

I had a couple questions pending about keeping an eye on that process so I could update you, but that seems to have gone stale. I'll chase up and keep you in mind :)


Cool thanks for the update.

I’m definitely interested if the RC 3.X got certified on all console platforms. Even if it is in several months. :slight_smile: