Remote user game pads stuck on X axis, locally fine.


In development, my local gamepad (X360 clone) had no issues.

Now that my game is in the wild, users are reporting that their pads, everything from X360 clones to PS2 USBs, are super-sensitive and locking along axis.

In my input manager:

Name: Horizontal Gravity: 3 Dead: 0.001 Sensitivity: 1000 Snap: true Invert: false Type: Joystick Axis Axis: X axis Joy Num: Get Motion from all Joysticks

In code:

void FixedUpdate(){
    //master movement switch
    if (bMovementEnabled){
      //left movement
      if(Input.GetAxis("Horizontal") < -.75f){
         this.rigidbody.AddForce(blah blah...

Any ideas why I can control perfectly fine locally in editor but a web/standalone build causes stick-lock and overt sensitivity?

Thanks for taking the time to check this question.

Perhaps some people thought this was a joke, but until I had an "official" gamepad I had no idea what was going wrong.

Turns out that 1000 sensitivity breaks normal gamepads. The default my input manager was set at was 3, so I figured going higher was better.

Setting sensitivity to 1 fixed everything.